Web3 based analytics to build more engaging campaigns

Market Your Web3 Product

Grow Your Community

Connect With Web3 Audiences

Gamify Your Web3 Marketing

Reward Your Web3 Users

Build Genuine Communities

Prevent Bots & Fake Users

Drive Sustainable Growth

Identify Your Web3 Users

Launch Web3 Marketing Campaigns

Target The Right Web3 Users

Track Web3 Native Metrics

Market Your Web3 Product

Understand the ROI of campaigns and get insights about the wallets that are interacting with your ecosystem

on-chain and off-chain tasks

Attach an ROI to your airdrops and community marketing activities

Campaign high level ROI and conversion rates

Views, mints, conversion rates.
Everything you need to know about your campaign.

Launch Web3 native campaigns in minutes

Wallet level data about balance, assets held, apps used

Are my users bots, or do they have good balance and on-chain activities?

Launch Web3 native campaigns in minutes

Performance section: are my users bringing value to my product?

Are my users sticking to my platform after the campaign?

Launch Web3 native campaigns in minutes

Use cases and playbooks to learn web3 marketing

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