Announcing Tide Web3 Marketing Analytics Suite

Vincenzo Manzon
August 29, 2023

Until now, web3 growth teams have consistently faced similar challenges when launching marketing activities. These challenges can be summarized in three main points:

  • While web2 teams can easily track conversion events such as purchases on their e-commerce, web3 teams are having an hard time measuring what matters and understanding the impact of growth initiatives on their dApp on-chain activity.
  • Incentive programs often encounter a sybil problem, attracting poor-quality users with very low Customer Lifetime Value.
    Moreover, the lack of tools to analyze the type of users being onboarded further complicates the evaluation of marketing programs success.
  • The ultimate goal is to enable projects to properly offer users dynamic, granularly personalized, and data-driven engagement. However, achieving this starts with accurate measurement, which is challenging without a complete analytics suite.

To address these issues, Tide has released the most comprehensive quest Insight and Performance dashboards in the industry. These dashboards empower web3 growth teams to:

  • Track and analyze in real time several behavioral data related to campaigns participants’ wallets
  • Explore the actual impact on dApp usage of growth initiatives, launched on Tide or other quest platforms
  • Get insights on protocol level metrics such as DAU, CAC and retention rates
  • Measure the conversions of Tide referral campaigns

1) Insights Section

The Insights section enables web3 businesses to have a proper overview of wallets onboarded throughout the various campaigns.

The information displayed can help identify who are the power users to facilitate targeted airdrops, but also evaluate product integrations based on users’ favorite dApps and tokens.

Let’s break down the various components of the Insights section.

Campaigns Recap

  • Analyze high-level conversion metrics of campaigns like mints, campaigns views and related charts over time
  • Access an high-level overview of wallet average age and transaction count to better gauge the quality of campaign participants
A frame from the Campaigns Recap Dashboard

Wallet details

Here you will find all the information needed to identify what kind of users are joining your campaigns, how valuable they are, and whom could be your next power users.

This could further serve you to better target incentives or growth initiatives, segment users based on shared characteristics, and engage them accordingly.

  • Granular wallet data, participation in quests (and related rewards), net worth, most used apps, most held tokens, and associated wallet labels
  • All the data can be exported in CSV format, providing an even higher detail for the wallet anagraphics
A frame from the Wallet Details Dashboard

DeFi Apps and ERC 20-tokens

Web3 teams want to improve their product iteratively and form partnerships fast based on their users’ preferences.

But instead of relying on surveys, why not trying to look directly at your users’ on-chain data?

  • Check your users’ most used dApps and chains, and understand their most common holdings
  • Filter holdings, dApps & chains based on users’ count, TVL, popularity and more

Frames from DeFi Apps and ERC 20-tokens Dashboards

Participants and Activities

What about checking how your growth initiative is performing in real time?

With Tide participants and activities dashboards you can:

  • Access a log of all users activity (task completions, interactions, etc.) in the various quests
  • Filter campaign participants by wallet or Twitter handle

Frames from Participants and Activities Dashboards

2) Performance Section

Your users participated in a campaign. But…

Are they staying?
Are they active on your dApp?
What share of your current dApp users actually participated in the campaign?

The Performance section aims to support web3 growth teams in answering the previous questions and measuring the actual impact and effectiveness of campaigns on protocol activity.

How does it work?

It is very simple and 100% no-code. Add in the field external addresses or events; it can be a vault, a pool or any smart contract address you want to track.

This step holds significant importance, since events serve as the primary conversion target that projects should focus on.

Easily track any contract performance by adding its address in the field. No-code required.

After adding an event, it is possible to access a dashobard to monitor daily active wallets, transactions over time and retention cohorts, providing a complete overview of the protocol on-chain activity.

A frame from the Performance monitoring Dashboard

After uploading quests launched on Tide, Galxe or other web3 marketing platforms, it’s also possible to zoom in each box chart to check how dApps metrics have been impacted by such quests.

With the featured charts on Tide, it will take few moments to gather insights regarding onboarded users activity, retention and much more.

Zoom in on transactions overview. Frame taken from the Performance section.

The frontier of web3 marketing

Tide is the next-gen marketing and analytics suite for web3 projects to acquire and retain valuable users.

  • A quest engine that supports the tracking of sophisticated on-chain actions (currently live);
  • A CRM / performance marketing dashboard to know CAC, LTV and ROI of campaigns and iterate (currently live) on those data;
  • An on-chain referral campaign (currently live), where soulbound tokens are used to help projects reaching out to new users through their most loyal advocates.
  • [Redacted] — coming end of summer

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