Tide vs RabbitHole (Boost Protocol)

Carlo Lisciandrano
February 28, 2024

Updated Feb ‘24

Both Tide and Rabbithole are web3 marketing platforms. They both help you create engagement around your product or service and grow your user base. As ultimate goal, they aim to support growth and community-management teams to create successfull marketing activities.

Tide is the web3-native way to engage and reward users. Not only its permissionless Campaign builder allows you to directly incentivize protocol-level on-chain actions, it is also built to automatically reward users XPs with ERC20 tokens and NFTs.

Rabbithole is joining the Boost Protocol with a product called Boost Inbox. We will write an article once rabbithole fully joins the new protocol.

How is Tide different from RabbiHole?

Both RabbitHole and Tide offer web3 native campaigns, a permissionless campaign builder and focus on incentivizing on-chain actions. Despite all the surface similarities that may be apparent, upon delving deeper, these two products diverge in various aspects.

  • According to RabbitHole founder, quests are much more than marketing campaigns. RabbitHole views quests as a means to efficiently distribute targeted airdrops to users who complete on-chain tasks. The primary objective is to address the inefficiencies and flaws in current incentives distribution models. Furthermore, for RabbithHole, gamification and social media interactions are not considered to be value added mechanisms in Web3. Instead, they focus on Sybil protection mechanisms to further improve the efficiency of reward distribution processes.
  • Tide believes every team has different marketing goals, from go-to market necessities to airdrops allocations, but they all need a platform to easily spin-up efficient and successful growth investments.
    Tide aims to provide dApps with all the necessary tools to properly engage their communities with a data-driven and personalized approach. For this reason, Tide is focusing on developing next-gen growth programs incentivizing on-chain activity.


Tide VS Rabbithole

Tide Main strengths

Tide prioritizes on-chain tracking technology focusing on incentivizing repetitive interaction with your protocol. Our different approach is different and complementary in respect to Galxe.

Tracking of on-chain conversion events

  • Tide simplifies the process of driving and prioritizing meaningful growth, specifically focusing on effective protocol usage for web3 projects. Using our intuitive, no-code campaign builder, web3 marketers can effortlessly define, require and automatically monitor any on-chain action to be completed by campaign participants. All it takes is simply to copy and paste in the dedicated section of the campaign editor the addresses of the smart-contracts whose activity you want to incentivize and track.
Tide’s On-chain No Code Builder

Airdrops and Automatic Rewards

With Tide’s tracking systems, projects can build and launcg their airdrop. How does it work?

  1. The project launches a first campaign to select who is eligible to participate in the airdrop (build an allowlist)
  2. Users interact with the protocol with on-chain actions such as bridge, swap or stake
  3. Tide distribute points to users tracking them on-chain
  4. Users will be rewarded with ERC20 tokens calculated on the points present in the leaderboard

Projects also can also take advantage of our referral program infrastructure and social media quests to distribute additional points to users.

Case Study — Shimmer Liquidity Mining 1 Million USD Airdrop

  • Tide developed a campaign with a leaderboard that evolves according to Shimmer users’ on-chain actions
  • Users bridge into the Shimmer ecosystem and get rewarded based on the points accumulated.
  • 1 m $ Airdrop optimization of Shimmer tokens distributed using Tide’s platform
  • Embedded campaigns on partners websites (read below)
  • Ecosystem engagement boosted with Deepsea Adventures campaigns on Tide

Soulbound referrals

  • Tide referrals program offers a highly effective method to tap into your community to acquire new engaged web3 users. Thanks to the user-friendly Tide SDK, implementing a GMX-style referral system where conversion events are users’ on-chain actions, has become effortless.

Embeddability and Project spaces:

  • Tide simplifies the process for projects to seamlessly integrate quests and campaigns directly onto their own websites or dApps. This perspective is more project-centric compared to the average quest-marketplace strategy. The aim is to offer a more interactive and instantaneous UX, effectively minimising the challenges associated with user traffic retention.
  • Moreover, Tide presents an exciting opportunity for any web3 product, to secure their unique project space / domain within the platform. Owners can personalize their dedicated area with a variety of features, such as displaying launched campaigns, the number of community members, and much more.
Example of Tide’s Embed on a Publisher
Shimmer Airdrop Open Embed

Tangleverse, a publisher in the IOTA & Shimmer, has embedded campaigns. Readers can click the embed and complete the quest without leaving the website they are in!

Dynamic NFTs

You can launch campaigns on Tide where users are rewarded with dynamic badges that evolve accoring to users’ on & off chain actions. Users can claim and upgrade the NFT also from the embedded campaign on the project’s website.

This gamified solution is perfect for optimizing airdrops. With little incentives the volume on your platform might grow esponentially!

Magpie Mafia — Dynamic NFTs Case Study

  • Magpie Mafia is a bridge that partnered with Tide for growing, engaging and rewarding its community.
  • The campaign brought almost 20k users with an increase in volume for the Bridge of over $200 million!
Magpie Magia Dynamic NFT

The badge upgrades based on users’ on-chain actions

Analytics and Performance Suite

  • Tide performance analytics suite sets itself apart by offering unparalleled tracking capabilities for any contract on EVM chains, providing specific, granular metrics, such as active users, protocol retention and much more. This allows you to gain a deep understanding of the true impact of growth initiatives on your dApp activity, whether they were launched through Tide or other growth platforms, such as Galxe.
  • Additionally, Tide provides extensive wallet-level behavioral data, encompassing valuable insights into the dApps being used by users, the tokens held, the chains most adopted, etc.. This comprehensive information empowers you to make informed decisions and elevate your marketing strategies for maximum success.
Tide’s Analytics Section

Sybil protection specifically for DeFi

  • Tide introduced custom wallet allowlists, which enable campaigns to be tailored and gated to specific, predefined wallet audiences based on their holdings and / or on-chain history, offering wallet targeting and a robust Sybil protection mechanisms.
    Through this innovative approach, wallets interacting with Tide have 20x better balance than wallets interacting with other quest marketplaces.

Ov3rKoalafied, Head of BD at Alchemix: “Anti-Sybil mechanisms set Tide apart from other platforms we considered”

Example of Tide Audiences

Customer-centric vision

  • Tide wants to be a source of qualified traffic. Moreover, we believe that web3 brings a 100x improvement in engagement — that’s why we are working with a few design partner projects to offer data-driven quests in their dApps. Our main goal is not bootstrapping a community of users around Tide, but provide projects with the frontier of web3 marketing technology and equipe them with all the necessary tools to properly engage their communities.
  • While Tide’s primary focus is on technology, we go the extra mile by providing continuous support to our clients throughout their journey with our product. This means we’re readily available to hop on a call with projects, addressing any questions or resolving issues that may arise.
  • As an illustration, Tide offers complimentary consultations to comprehend your requirements and assist in implementing the most effective growth program for your web3 solution. This is crucial because devising a successful campaign to onboard authentic users in web3 can be intricate, particularly when incentives come into play.

RabbitHole core strengths

  • Great brand and traction. RabbitHole was one of the very first web3 engagement platforms to become mainstream (hats off). They started as a learn-to-earn platform and collaborated with top-tiers projects, featuring campaigns form companies such as Uniswap and AAVE. This proven track-record established them as a trusted platform for users to interact with dApps and build a great legacy among the web3 ecosystem.
  • Self-service airdrop builder. Especially in the past, incentives have too often been misallocated and exploited in web3, making airdrops an inefficient way to acquire power users. RabbitHole, aware of this issue, is therefore actively developing a sophisticated platform to help projects easily deploy quests requiring users to complete on-chain actions and efficiently distribute ERC-20 tokens.

The frontier of Web3 marketing

Tide is the next-gen marketing suite for web3 projects to acquire, engage and retain valuable users.

New features you will love

  • A points distribution system that tracks users on-chain without the need for them to claim on Tide. We distribute points automatically and this is the best system for airdrops as it rewars users that continusly interact with your project
  • A leaderboard that updates and that projects use to distribute authomatic rewards
  • A feature to embed campaigns on any website
  • A quest engine that supports the tracking of sophisticated on-chain actions;
  • A CRM / performance marketing dashboard to know CAC, LTV and ROI of campaigns and iterate (currently live) on those data;
  • An on-chain referral campaign (currently live), where soulbound tokens are used to help projects reaching out to new users through their most loyal advocates.

So should you choose Tide or Rabbithole?

Well… both tools have on-chain actions quests and reward users with tokents. However, when it comes to organise an airdrop that tracks overtime and rewards only users that complete on-chain actions on your protocol assigning points to a leaderboard, Tide is your best friend!

With Tide you will be able to boost your TVL with a limited budget and a no-code experience.

Wondering about prices?

At Tide, meeting our customers’ needs is at the core of what we do, and this principle extends to our pricing structure. You can experience our campaign builder to launch simple campaigns. If you require a points-based campaign with rewards distribution, we offer two flexible pricing models. Opt for a monthly subscription encompassing support and premium features, or choose variable pricing based on the quantity of rewards distributed.

Reach out to us with any questions or concerns — we’re here to assist you every step of the way!

Feel free to contact us for any doubt!

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