Case Study: How Magpie is using dynamic NFTs to engage communities

Silvio Busonero
August 30, 2023

We are very proud of the launch of a unique kind of campaign based on dynamic NFTs in partnership with Magpie protocol: Magpie Mafia!

How does it work?

It is very simple:

  • Users collect a soulbound (non transferable NFT) token by doing twitter and on-chain actions on Magpie
  • Users can cumulate points (saved on chain) and upgrade NFT images by doing trades
  • Some attributes will be random, other will be dependent on user role
  • Each week, new details of the campaign will be revealed
  • Tokens will be distributed based on users points

Going forward, Magpie will integrate this badges as “user profile picture” on their website to offer a unique engagement experience.

What are the advantages with respect to a traditional quest?

  • Better UX. After the first claim, users can grow their status by simply using the app. No need to swap between platforms
  • Native experience. Users will see points and status directly in Magpie application
  • Data driven. Using passport allows to differentiate between users based on volume and on-chain activity over time. Therefore, the entire on-chain activity of users is tracked and scored

Click here to access the campaign

The first role: the Ally

The campaign was launched this week and the new role introduced. Over time, new unlockable roles will be introduced, following a multi-step gamified experience for the users.

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